Started by four fashionalism advocates Arriane Serafico, Knox Balbastro, Sarah Meier, and David Guison, Postura Project has a very simple mission: to get fellow Filipinos to start wearing something Filipino everyday.
To kick-start the movement, we first subjected ourselves to a 30-day challenge: to be local and vocal for one whole month. That is, to wear something Filipino everyday, share our fashionalist sartorial choices to the rest of the world through our blog, while highlighting the creative Filipino entrepreneurs behind the brands we are wearing.

This is to show how we’re loud and proud, and we firmly believe that “Made in the Philippines” can be young, fun, and fashionable. We show how it takes very little effort to incorporate a piece of Philippine fashion into your everyday outfit, and empower other people to do the same.


“Arriane Serafico was the glue on this project.” – Sarah Meier-Albano, Stylebible.PH interview

I actually started doing the wear-something-Filipino-everyday challenge on my own last November 2011 — for me, it was my own personal commitment to support young Pinoy creative entrepreneurs. (Plus, it earned me a new excuse: “I’m not shopping too much — I’m helping the Philippine economy!”)

I then brought together my friends Sarah, Knox and David, all of whom I knew were also personally committed to the same advocacy.

Through this project, I want to empower young, fashion-loving Filipinos to be individual megaphones for the amazing products that our Filipino fashion entrepreneurs produce. It’s a fantastic and easy way to concretely do your part in nation building, through your everyday choices.

Official website:

Launch date: February 17, 2012


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