As I wrote recently, I’m constantly re-assessing my blog, eternally experimenting and looking for new, big, crazy ideas. Lately, I’ve been wanting to grow into more of a community for young, creative go-getters, rather than just it being my personal blog. And that would not be possible if I don’t get more Wanderrgirls aboard! That said…

I’m looking for: Writers, designers, and overall incredible, creative people with crazy ideas!

Do you have an idea for some guest posts? Whether it’s something like:

  • a weekly post (see: Notes to Self with Abbey Sy),
  • or maybe a regular blog challenge (something similar to this DIY post with Quaint Desk),
  • or themed how-to articles (I always like my posts to share something useful to readers),
  • or a series of feature interviews using a format that nobody thought was humanely possible (cheka lang)
  • or you can just surprise me with something completely, mind-blowingly unique and creative!

I’m on the lookout for creative youngins like me with whom I can volt in with for fresh collaborations that I can share with my readers. New ideas are my wonder drug, and nothing gets me more excited than making new friends and collaborating with amazing people. Want to contribute to E-mail me with your ideas – but keep these in mind:

Wanderrgirl Guidelines

[table style="1"]

1 FIRST, INTRODUCE YOURSELF! Wow me, make my heart skip a beat! :) I think one of the key points in blogging is knowing how to make your personality shine – through your keyboard and onto the readers’ screen – so you must be able to showcase that when you send me a message!
2 TELL ME ABOUT YOUR COLLAB IDEA/S. You can include maybe 1-3 ideas, but make sure to back each with a clear and concise description, as well as why you think it will be a good fit for (How does it relate to my current content? How will it appeal to my readers?)

As you may know, I usually blog around the themes of creativity (design/art/photography), youth lifestyle (travel, fashion), empowerment/productivity, and nation-building/social responsibility. Also, ideally, I would want our collab to last for at least a month (4 weekly posts) – but that could be discussed further on.

3 *TIPS ON IDEAS: You can combine several things in one idea – i.e. Postura Project (fashion + nationalism), Notes to Self (design/art + empowerment). In fact, I would really love that!
4 IMPORTANT: SHOW ME YOUR WORK! Include some links to posts you have done/written in your blog/other publications. (Remember: It doesn’t have to be all about writing – you can also include links to photo essays you’ve done, videos you’ve edited, etc.) Please be as specific as possible and don’t just direct me to your main blog or portfolio.
5 HIT THE SEND BUTTON! E-mail me with the subject: “Hi, I’m [your name]! Let me excite you with my new idea for a collab!” and send it to hello[at]wanderrgirl[dot]com.
6 CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU! If I like your idea, I will e-mail you back and probably set up a meeting over coffee (or GTalk, if my schedule doesn’t permit) to get to know you better, brainstorm some more and take your ideas, multiply it with mine, and take our collab to new heights!


So for example, if we time-warp backwards a little bit and Abbey had e-mailed me to pitch Notes to Self with the guidelines stated above – the Cliff Notes condensed version of her e-mail would go something like this:

[note color="#ffe0e5"]Hi Arriane!

I’m Abbey and I am obsessed with hand-drawn typography! My notebooks are filled cover to cover with them, and I can do them in my sleep! One of my ideas is [concise description of Notes to Self]. You can see samples of my work here [include several links]. I think this would be great for your blog because you are obviously nuts over inspirational and motivational Oprah-ish quotes (I’m not judging you). [Etc etc etc]


Obviously, this is another new experiment I’m doing — because honestly, I really want this website to be more than just a regular personal blog. I want it to be more empowering, AND at the same time, I want to empower other creative people by giving them a platform to showcase their art of any form (be it writing or design or photography or video-making), and for their message to reach my reader community and online network.

I got so many collab ideas when I met my students in Blogworthy (that’s where I met and tapped into the very talented and driven Abbey Sy). I’m actually looking forward to the next Blogworthy classes to go talent-hunting! ;) (Need to polish your blogging/writing/design skills for before you apply to be a guest blogger? Make sure to sign up for my creative blogging workshop!)

Well, let’s see how this goes! Crossing my fingers that I get some magic & inspiration from you guys in my inbox soon!

- Arriane