*Wanderrgirl — Double R, single N.

I know how to spell properly, thank you very much.
But if you’re wondering why I insist on wedging that extra { r } in there, it’s because my name’s spelled that way, too. So if you want to remain on my good side — please please remember: It’s ARRIANE, thank you!

what’s behind the name?

I like to complicate things a lot, so *Wanderrgirl is a mish-mash of three things: a name of a superhero (It’s been a lifelong ambition), an expression of wanderlust (I’m a repressed budget traveler), and an allusion to my ever restless train of thought (I have a very short atten … OOH WHAT’S THAT).

Plus the fact that I could insert that whole double-R-single-N twist in it was a very sweet cherry on top.

the girl behind the blog

Arriane in the world is synonymous to a restless, wide-eyed kid in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory – but you just have to swap the sweets with infinite opportunities.

Constantly needing to find channels for my boundless energy and ideas, you can be sure I’m always up to something – whether it’s:

  1. working as a government employee in the Philippine Senate,
  2. blogging about youth, creativity, empowerment and changemaking,
  3. collaborating on new passion projects,
  4. teaching dance workshops,
  5. getting lost in magical adventures while traveling solo, or
  6. running around and jumping in 5-inch heels & blonde hair

My mission is to channel and use creativity as a tool for nation-building, and to empower other young people to do the same by making those game-changing opportunities fun and accessible.”

FAQs/PUBLISHED WORK: If you have questions – I would love it if you checked out my FAQ section first, just in case it has already been asked before. Also, take a peek into what others say about me (oh no!) in my Press/Published section.


  • Speaker at TEDxKatipunan (June 2012) – TEDx Theme: Modern-Day Revolutions
  • Finalist, Globe Tatt Awards (June 2012) – The Advocate Category
  • One of MEG Magazine’s 30 Under 30 (June 2012) – Achievers under 30 years old

For more information, please view my work resume here, and my professional design portfolio here.[/note]

what’s this blog about?

This blog is about youth, creativity, empowerment, game-changing and nation-building. Wanderrgirl.com contains my stories on how I live out my purpose, my WHY in this world — but still not missing out on living a life I enjoy. I still get to do the stuff that I love: travel, shop, play, geek out!

Pursuing your passion and changing the world while actually earning from it: this balance IS possible. And a love for shoes and hair and Korean culture — who said all these had to be mutually exclusive? :)

I’d love it if you’d leave me comments or send me some mail: hello [at] wanderrgirl.com

want to work with me?

If you want to hire me for your new media or digital marketing needs, or want me to cover events, or review and/or write PR posts about your products (which I have to believe in and like — I’m partial to social enterprises or anything Pinoy + creative!), or basically want to explore collaboration ideas: you can check out my resume here and contact me here.

Last updated: May 2, 2012