Wanderrgirl, Electrified for May 13, voters excitement campaign

ELECTrified! It’s a lot like looove.

Who in the world would think to use a swak na swak MOMOL metaphor for the elections?
This guy, obviously. (Read on and you’ll find that it actually makes sense!)

He needs no introduction aside from these three words: Yeah meeeeen!!!!! APIR!

Hover over the photo to find out which cute radio DJ we’re talking about! Though I bet you already know:

Wanderrgirl, ELECTrified for May 13, Excited to vote, Sam YGWanderrgirl, ELECTrified for May 13, Excited to vote, Sam YG

Sam YG is #ELECTrifiedforMay13!

Profession: (VERY CUTE) DJ, MAGIC 89.9

I’m EXCITED TO VOTE because this whole process is a lot like love.

Ang election, para ‘yang love. This campaign period, we’re at the kilig stage — pero ‘yang kilig, we don’t know if it’s going to turn into love, or mafe-friendzone ka.

Kilig ka nga ngayon, pero kung mali yung decision mo, lagot. Kasing sama ‘yan nang na-friendzone or na-brokenhearted.

Kung tama naman at love ang patutunguhan, we get a set of leaders who are accountable to us, the citizens.

It should always be exciting to vote in every election. Because your vote today is going to affect whatever happens tomorrow. Every decision we make about who to vote for is going to affect the outcome of things down the road.

I’m EXCITED TO VOTE for leaders who will improve the Philippine education system.

For me, proper education for everybody is very important. There is so much to be improved with the education system of the Philippines, especially for the less fortunate.

I used to have my immersion in public schools: if you’ve been there, you’ll see na hindi talaga siya decent studying environment. How can you possibly be productive and study well, if the environment you’re studying in is not conducive for that?

Let’s go back to love. How can you make the person fall in love with you if you don’t set up that environment? If you don’t set up that situation? How do you expect to get a MOMOL if the whole situation is not MOMOL-able?

Actually, voting for the right leaders, para ring MOMOL yan eh — you need to set it up properly for it to happen.

How do you expect to create continuous progress in the country if you don’t set up the playing field with good people?  

I’m EXCITED TO VOTE because I feel like today’s voters are a lot wiser.

Kasi, you can just vote for who’s popular, or kung sinong ine-endorse ng idol mo sa showbiz, pero sa totoo, do you really know what that candidate stands for? What that person really wants to do? Is it all for show, or does he really want to make an impact? Actually, going back to the basics: can you name all 24 senators? Probably not, right?

[But] with all due respect, I think voters now are wiser. We are very well equipped. We have the internet, we have news coming in left and right. Information is served to us on a silver platter. Not like before, if you wanted information, kailangan mo talagang mag-hanap, mag-research, or you wait for tomorrow’s paper.

Today, just log onto Twitter: And you see, okay, this is what happened today, there was a fire, Justin Bieber did something.

There’s no excuse to NOT be informed, to NOT do research on who you’re voting for. There’s absolutely no excuse.  

Are *you* ELECTrified? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Arm yourself with your best election weapon: KNOWLEDGE. Read my personal recommendations for the best website/s you can check out to help better inform your vote.
  2. Share this Facebook photo with your friends and complete this phrase: “I’m EXCITED TO VOTE because: _____”
  3. Tweet the links below to show your excitement for change and progress and a better Philippines!

[note color="#ccffff"].@sam_yg is #ELECTrifiedforMay13 and so am I! Last few days before elections! Are YOU excited to vote?[/note]

[note color="#ffff66"]I am #ELECTrifiedforMay13! I am excited to vote because _______[/note]

[note color="#ccffff"]If you ever get lazy on May 13, remember this: Bawal magreklamo ang hindi bumoto. #ELECTrifiedforMay13[/note]

We are posting one #ELECTrifying interview each day, as we count down to May 13. So check back every day to see who’s next! We hope to get you pumped and excited to exercise your right to be heard.


Interview and words by Arriane Serafico & Vicky Marquez
Photos by Karen dela Fuente

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  • http://itsjess.wordpress.com Jess

    OMG I love this initiative. Thanks for this, Arriane! Checking out your election-related recommendations now. :)

    • Arriane

      Yay, thanks Jess! I hope you’re as excited as we are for May 13!