Notes to Self, Motivation, Determination, quote, Molly Ford

Notes to Self : 23

“Motivation gets the running shoes on; determination gets you through the last lap.” – Molly Ford

Motivation is something felt.
Determination is something acted upon.

You can ‘get motivated,’
but you can’t ‘get determined.’ You have to BE determined.

Other people can motivate you,
but they can’t make you more determined.

Motivation is an upward emotion.
Determination is what propels forward action.

Don’t have just either-or.
Get those running shoes on AND make sure to get through that last lap.

I’m having a very, very rough and sleepless January because of new projects and old ones and all the other responsibilities in between, but I am determined to keep on killing deadlines (and just catching up on sleep in February).

How’s your first month of 2013 doing? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Words & photo edits by Arriane, illustration & photo by Abbey // See all Notes to Self here.

Notes to Self, Motivation, Determination, quote, Molly Ford

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  • Valerie

    Thank you for these little notes! I think this one is well suited for my dilemma this week. I’m in a lazy/walang gana streak. *cries*

    I love your blog and I often see your link in Abbey’s blog. Commenting here the first time. Keep it up. You’re brilliant! :D

    • Wanderrgirl

      Hi Valerie!! :) Thank you so much for making your way over to my blog & leaving a comment! Commenting is such an undervalued thing these days, so it’s always such a pleasant surprise to find something in my comment box! :)

      I’m such a fan of your artwork – I’ve seen it all over my timeline thanks to sila Raymond and Spike! :) Hope to be able to meet you soon.

  • Molly

    Thank you so much for featuring Smart Pretty and Awkward in this Notes to Self! I’m so happy you liked that post :) You have an adorable site! xo, Molly