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Notes to Self : 22

First Monday of the year and I think I’m off to a good start! I’m attempting to normalize my body clock (still struggling to fall asleep before 3AM), but I was able to get up at 7:30AM today. Can I get a whut, whut. (Baby steps. Come on.)

“Before you climb the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning on the right building.” – Zig Ziglar

I think that the first Notes to Self is very appropriate for this time of year, because, hopefully, you’ve taken to goal setting for 2013 very seriously. Two things I want to stress, especially at the beginning of a new year:

  1. What’s YOUR definition of success?
  2. Stop comparing yourself to others – because their definition of success is probably different than yours.

You see how more prone you are to breaking #2 when you aren’t sure with #1? Let me give you scenarios:

  • IF YOU’RE IN SCHOOL: YOUR (or your mom’s) definition of success might be in getting into the Dean’s List every semester, while MY definition of success might be in how many successful projects I accomplish in all my different orgs while maintaining a decent QPI to retain my scholarship. (True story.)
  • IF YOU’RE WORKING: Maybe your colleague’s definition of success is how fast s/he can buy her own car/condo/house, and maybe yours is saving this much in this many years so you can fund your master’s abroad. Or another co-worker’s definition might be traveling to as many countries as she can in between work! Those are three VERY different gauges of success, so it’s stupid to start comparing yourself to them!
  • IF YOU’RE BLOGGING: Blogger A’s definition of achievement might be in the number of followers and likes s/he has. Blogger B’s perspective might be in how much s/he earns from his or her site. While Blogger C might just be thinking, my goal is to create 4 posts with ORIGINAL, quality content every month. Again, depending on each of those different goals – you have to undertake different tasks and paths to get there.

“Facebook Depression”

I recently heard this term from a friend, and she described it as ‘getting depressed from seeing your friends’ or batchmates’ FB status updates, and what they’ve achieved or what they have or are doing with their lives.’

That is… sad.

Don’t let your ladder of success lean on the building of others (or others’ Facebook status updates!!!!!). Seriously. Comparing what you have or what you’ve done to that of others is the quickest way to de-motivate and sabotage yourself. Let their success stories inspire you, but don’t go chasing after their dreams. Create and stay true to your own definition of success.

It is extremely, extremely important to first know what you want. Claim your building, lean that ladder of success on it and start that hard climb up.

Jumpstart Questions

A good way to create your own definition of success: Let’s say 10 years from now, you’re having the absolute time of your life –

What is it that you are doing? Where are you? What have you accomplished? Why are you happy?
Draw it. Write it down. Put it up where you can see it everyday. Now get to work ;)

Words & photo edits by Arriane, illustration & photo by Abbey // See all Notes to Self here.


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  • gn

    Ouch. Haha. I can totally relate. I just recently learned that one of my batch mates in high school got engaged in Times Square during the New Year’s celebration. And apart from that she’s damn well successful in terms of her career. You can’t help it really, comparing yourself to others because I suppose it puts things in perspective — where am I in my life?

    But then again, we all have our own unique stories to tell. Her story is not my story, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

    Thanks for the reminder Arriane.

    • Wanderrgirl

      Hi GN (pronounced as Gene)! :)

      You’re right! It’s fine to be a little sad and feel a little pathetic for a while when you read these things, but don’t let it sway you in terms of what you really wanna achieve though. You don’t have to have what she has or other people have, because what if it’s not what you wanted naman talaga in the first place? :)

  • Trish

    Felt better after reading this. Thank you for the positive words, I realized that success is indeed different for each person. I used the image above because I wrote a blog entry about this. I hope you don’t mind.

    • Wanderrgirl

      Hi Trish! Thank you for reading my blog post :) I’m glad this resonated with you!! Facebook Depression is so weird, yet so, so real in this day and age. Just saw your blog post! Commenting there in a bit ;)

  • JB

    Re-read this post again and it still gets to me. I always tend to compare myself to others, that’s why up until now I haven’t done anything to pursue my own dream. I’ve been busy ‘envying’ what others have accomplished.

    Thank you so much for this, now, I’m a step closer to actually do something to pursue my life-long dream.

    Thank you so much, Arriane & Abbey! You both are such an inspiration! ^_^

    • Wanderrgirl

      One of the cons of social media – we’re now hyper-aware of what everyone’s doing! Comparison is right on the heels of THAT.

      Yay! Thanks for reading our Notes to Self column, JB! :)