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Go Getter Interviews 04 : Sarah Meier (Exclusive!)

This is the third in a continuing interview series of go-getters.

“Hi. Twelve hour shoot today; one hour nap. Now I’m about to pull an all-nighter for research, but have to be up by 5:30am to get the little one ready for school, make it to my internship at the ad agency by 7:30, and be out to attend and host a wedding at 3pm.”

So goes a recent blog entry of Sarah Meier, 31 years old, mom, model, TV host, entrepreneur, writer, etc etc etc.  And just to drive the point home: etcetera.

Many writers have attempted to write profiles of this woman, but nobody has quite gotten it right. It’s like no matter how deep they dig, the best they could come up with is still…
Sarah Lite.

Because it feels like you can never quite know her,
like it is only she who holds that elusive lexicon that can strip all the layers to get to the core of the many complexities of Sarah Meier.

For she’s got a unique rhythm in her words,
a head-bopping beat in her veins,
and a poetic grace in her gait.
(God bless her endless legs.)
An old soul yet a new spirit,
each of her periods is an ommm,
yet her eyes sparkle like exclamation points.

More than just an inspiration, she’s been my catalyst in many ways. For Sarah doesn’t just inspire: she believed in me, served as my megaphone when my own voice couldn’t quite find its courage yet – just as she’s done for many other young aspiring creatives she’s worked with.

I am more than privileged to share her wisdom with all of you on the first day of 2013:

Sarah Meier Albano of Top Model Philippines

Sarah Meier, Go Getter, Interview, Wanderrgirl, Life, Productivity, MTV VJ, Top Model Philippines

*Don’t forget to read through all the 3 tabs: Part 1 – “My 2012 so far”, Part 2 – “Productivity Tips for Go-Getters”, Part 3 – “Keep on Movin’: 2013″ :) Also, as you can see, there are now tweetable quotes embedded throughout the article. Feel free to click and share them.

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

“Do something for the first time”.

The first half of 2012 was about making room for anything anybody brought my way – open mindedness in pursuing passion projects, coming onboard to help out with developing products, brands, ideas, movements, causes, events. The second half was about cutting all of that out, and hunting down things that had eluded me for years; not limited to, but including: somehow hustling my way into a post-grad program at Columbia University sans an undergrad degree, and acquiring an internship at Publicis JimenezBasic – an OJT experience having been something I had always envied of those that went to college.

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

The question alludes to my mind, but my heart is my only gauge, really. Whether or not it feels hungry or fed. Content or squirmish. Disconnected, engaged, curious, empathetic, apathetic.

Motivation stems from paying heed to what my insides know is my true purpose, and keeping track of goals is fluid when you have bought into the system of going anywhere your soul says is gold.

I’ve learned this from years of writing down goals, only to forget about them, skip along as I please, and years later rediscover my notes only to see that everything was accomplished simply by acknowledging the dream, then trusting instinct.

Sarah Meier, Go Getter, Interview, Wanderrgirl, Life, Productivity, MTV VJ, Top Model Philippines


Go acoustic one day a week. No internet, no laptop, no cellphone.

This is not to say you should stop working. Write in your notebooks, doodle, use a landline, read the newspaper, read books. Cut out magazines and make a vision board. Watch a musician perform live instead of clicking on an mp3. This will do wonders for your creativity and productivity. Promise.


Meditate, pray, go running, lift weights, do yoga, go dancing, jump around, try martial arts, swim — for at least half an hour a day, but for optimal results, an hour is just right.

I am rather wary of leaders and partners who have not incorporated this discipline into their system, for the simple reason that it is absolutely necessary for prime mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. (Also incredibly more effective of an energy source than caffeine when done right.)


Create boundaries. You have permission to say no to things, and to people.

Draw a distinct line around interests and energy and goals you want to protect, and ride all the waves you can within those parameters, but when proposed with something not in sync with your forward movement, you have every right to decline.


To have a fighting chance for survival;
You should have the next five years planned out.
You should be able to name five people in your circle that can make your job easier and you better…
…and five people that you can make better.

Segment your life into five areas: work, family, friends, interests/hobbies, with you and your well-being as a circle in the middle – and make sure each gets ample attention.
Count to five when transitioning between tasks.
Try not to have more than five unread messages to deal with at a time.


Follow the first four recommendations, and then buckle down for absolute efficiency and excellence. There are no excuses.

There is a Robert Frost poem that says “nothing gold can stay” — your mission is to prove him wrong by waking up every morning, making wise decisions, and throwing all of your weight into the necessary steps.

You lead by example, you set the tone.
If you have a 7pm meeting, be there at 6:45.

If you want your team to have an “I can” attitude, you better be the poster child.

*Hey there! Make sure to scroll up and read the final tab, Part 3!

Sarah Meier, Go Getter, Interview, Wanderrgirl, Life, Productivity, MTV VJ, Top Model Philippines

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

2013 will be the year of defining my four pillars. You can expect more calculated decision making, some ground breaking, a lot more visibility, and clarity of voice.

I’m going to have fun this year.

Sarah Meier, Go Getter, Interview, Wanderrgirl, Life, Productivity, MTV VJ, Top Model Philippines

Follow Sarah on:
Twitter: @sarah_meier
Instagram: @sarah_meier

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TRIVIA: Sarah is actually the impossibly tall and beautiful lady you’ll find in the May spread of our Go Getter Planner. I took that photo of her when we went to Palawan together :)

Will you also be a go-getter in 2013?

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