What’s been on my mind the past week

So it’s been a rough first 2 weeks of January for me. Nothing critical, just, you know, the last-time-I-had-any-restful-sleep-was-in-2012 kinda rough.

The thing with working on several projects with different teams of people is that come January, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those teams are high on New Year’s adrenaline (and possibly fireworks smoke and/or Gangnam Style on loop), so everyone wants to start hustling real hard, real good, real fast.

And you’re just like, Hey guize, I get it, we’re all excited, but I got one body, one brain, 24 hours, let’s slow down a liiiittle bit! But anyway. Commitments are commitments and I’m just doing my extra darn hardest to manage my time well. FIGHT!

Enrich your mind: Design Thinking

That said, around 80% of my mind is being occupied recently by THIS certain school of thinking (the other 20% being occupied by Xend shipments and such). And I really wanted to share this video with you guys because it’s something I’m very passionate about.

If you’re spending time at home this Friday evening and want to learn something new (stand proud, fellow geek), check this out:

It’s an interview with David Kelley, founder of design thinking firm IDEO — which, of course, automatically makes him a deity in my universe. One of their first clients was Steve Jobs, and they innovated the very first Apple mouse in the 70′s.

I would give anything to do an internship at IDEO, and in fact, I’m actually planning to take their 1-year program in Germany next year. I’m a HUGE fan of their process. I swear.
(K-Pop level.)

If you’re also interested in design thinking, let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I’d love to chat with you about it! :)

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  • Kira C.

    Are there any equivalents of this company in the Philippines?

  • http://eggtartbox.wordpress.com Krys

    Ah, this sounds and looks SO cool. I’m not even kidding, my excitement levels are quite high right now. If you get to do their one year program, that would be amazing (:

    • Wanderrgirl

      I’m SUPER DETERMINED to get my butt over there next year!!! :)

  • Klarisse

    Surprise! Hi Arriane! I miss reading your blog! It’s grown so much sljdhfjk. Lol. You know I’ve also been eyeing the IDEO program, and a GOOD internship or something. (Also a new program in SDA in New York called Design for Social Innovation–kind of right up your alley!) But anyway, hi :)