Go Getter Interviews 02: Anna Oposa and Lois Yasay

This is the second in a continuing interview series of go-getters.

You know who these people are: the can’t-stop-won’t-stop hustlers, the ones who are juggling 2, 3, 4, 5 roles all at the same time and succeeding.

Here, we’ll try to answer the very question that’s been baffling other humans/Muggles: HOW DO THEY DO IT?

After the wildly shared first installment of our Go-Getter interviews, I’m back with more sage advice from two other superwomen: Anna Oposa of Save Philippine Seas, and Lois Yasay of We Are Sole Sisters.

*Don’t forget to read through all the 3 tabs: Part 1 – “My 2012 so far”, Part 2 – “Productivity Tips for Go-Getters”, Part 3 – “Keep on Movin’: 2013″ :)

Anna Oposa of Save PH Seas

Anna Oposa of Save PH Seas, Profile: Go Getter Productivity Interview, (multi-tasker, achiever) on Wanderrgirl

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

I envisioned my 2012 Word of the Year to be FOCUS. It ended up being HUMILITY.

The major goals I accomplished were to speak in a TEDx event, start a nationwide project and campaign on shark conservation, travel around Europe for the first time, relocate to Cebu, go back to yoga, take my PADI Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response courses, write for Rappler.com, get a credit card, get an accountant to assist me in filing my taxes, and go to Coron.

I must say, it’s been a blessed year :)

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

When I was growing up, my mom would always tell me and my brothers that “lazy” was a bad word. I carry that with me everyday. As a fulltime freelancer, I don’t have a corporate ladder to climb or office hours, so most of my work is self-motivated and initiated. My planner is color coded so I know when my deadlines, trips, and events are.

Because I juggle many roles, I can’t and don’t procrastinate. For instance, I usually start a writing assignment the day the editor sends me the editorial brief. I start packing for trips a few days before my flight. I’m also very lucky to be surrounded by an outstanding support system, from my family to friends and colleagues.

Don’t get me wrong, I have days when I don’t want to leave my bed and just watch, like, 5 episodes of Newsroom. I stay motivated because 1) I love what I do and 2) I need work to sustain my relatively high-maintenance lifestyle (i.e., traveling, scuba diving, the need to stay connected at all times).

Anna Oposa of Save PH Seas, Profile: Go Getter Productivity Interview, (multi-tasker, achiever) on Wanderrgirl

Anna Oposa, Profile: Go Getter Productivity Interview, (multi-tasker, achiever) on Wanderrgirl

1. Always MAKE TIME (not find time) for people you love & people who love you.
Ika nga ni Alicia Keys, “everything means nothing if I ain’t got you.” Don’t ever take your family and friends for granted.

2. Always surround yourself with people who uplift you.

3. Learn how to say NO and how to DELEGATE.
Don’t be afraid to assess/weigh options to see what will benefit YOU the most in terms of your personal and professional growth – and then DELEGATE.

4. Punctuality makes a big difference.
Show up on time, even if the one you’re meeting is always late. Never miss a deadline. Ever.

5. Stop global whining.
Don’t brag about how much you lack sleep and how tired you are like it’s a badge of honor. It’s gross and counterproductive!

Anna Oposa of Save PH Seas, Profile: Go Getter Productivity Interview, (multi-tasker, achiever) on Wanderrgirl

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen
In 2013, the shark sanctuary project continues. We’ll be holding coastal law enforcement training for the Bantay Dagat in Cebu in February, and an Arts-Science Festival for the students and teachers in April. May means the elections, so I’ll be actively campaigning for certain candidates. Save Philippine Seas will be organizing a number of events for Month of the Ocean in May 2013 with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. We’re also launching a nationwide monitoring and evaluation project for marine turtles called Pawikan Watchers.

On a personal note, I’m kicking off 2013 with a trip to Cambodia with my best friends in January, and a dive trip to Tubbataha in May. I need to get healthcare, and register with PhilHealth, and PAGIBIG. I’ll continue practicing yoga, swimming, and diving regularly.

Lois Yasay of We Are Sole Sisters

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

This year I wanted to become a Passion Test facilitator and a better surfer. I wanted rebrand Sole Sisters from a travel blog into a travel community. I wanted to get into public speaking and motivation and start the Passion Play workshop and retreat. I want to sustain a lifestyle focused on my top passions.

The theme would be Discovery.

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

At the start of the year I write my list of goals and dream projects. Then I put them in places where I constantly see them: walls, my phone, post its in my wallet. And I revisit the list every quarter to make sure I get things done.

1. Focus.
So many things are vying for our attention every minute and it’s important to stay focused on the right things. Always put all your effort and concentration into whatever you’re doing at the moment.

2. Prioritize.
Know exactly what it is you want and list them in order of importance. If  you have a list in order of priority, it’s easy to see what really matters to you in the long run.

3. Delegate and outsource.
Let’s face it, we can’t be everything all at once. Know your strengths, focus on those and delegate the rest.

4. Collaborate.
Doing things with like minded people is the fastest (and most fun way) to accomplish projects.

5. Disconnect.
Every once in a while, step back to admire your great work.

Go Getter interview, Productivity, Time Management, Making things happen

I’m already planning my first trip to South Korea and my 2nd to Myanmar. Hopefully I get to travel more with my new Sole Sister Madz. I plan to continue running workshops and retreats for Passion Play to help people do what they love. I’m excited for the new blog redesign for Sole Sisters and an online travel shop.

Will you also be a go-getter in 2013?

Now. Enough inspiration, time for action!

To help YOU get your productivity on as we gear up for next year, I’m giving away another copy of the Go-Getter Planner. All you have to do, as always, is follow the Rafflecopter app instructions below.

You can see more photos and details of the planner here — plus! I’ve announced the winner of the first giveaway there as well. Good luck!

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  • http://janefromtheblog.blogspot.com Jane

    Go Getter interview is a genius idea, you should do this more :P

    I love to read their story about what they’ve done through this year and more excited to know what they will do next year. It’s really fun and so glad I can learn so much from Filipino young people. I don’t know much about Php until I read your blog and you shared a lot about your country. There really are so many young people ‘raise-up’ and being a role model for their country. I should be ashamed and do something too!

    Thanks for you guys Filipino who inspire me haha go getter! go go getter!