co.lab Pasig, coworking space

Want to cowork with me in 2013?

And I mean it physically.
(Also, I mean ‘physically’ in a purely geographical way, not, you know, anatomically. Of course.)

Um. Where was I? Coworking. Right.

Check out co.lab’s brand spankin’ new, fresher-than-an-orange website by clicking on the image below! This website was designed and developed by the awesome, highly-recommended folks over at

Even more exciting news – especially for un-morning people like me: We’re extending our hours! co.lab is now open until 11PM ;)

Make sure to check out our coworking rates on the website, with monthly packages for as low as P 4,500. You can also have your company’s brainstorming session or your client pitch/presentation in one of our meeting rooms: book our rooms for as low as P 1,500. You can also contact us for more detailed quotes for events, etc. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, check out this obscenely accurate coworking at co.lab 101 animated video:

It was also the perfect venue for both of my Blogworthy creative blogging workshops. Watch this recap video of the first one!

Will I see you there next year?
(Which is, weirdly, already next week.)

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  • Mara

    I really wish they had this in New York.