2013 Go Getter Planner: We are now accepting orders!

So here’s the thing with setting goals: You get all fired up at the beginning of the year and write them down with every ounce of enthusiasm and determination in every cell of your being! You vow that this is The List That Will Make This Year The Best Year Ever.

Fast forward to March, and it is now just… a list. AFLTWOBRWMRID*, if you will.
(*A Forgotten List That Will Only Be Remembered, With Much Regret, In December.)

With that in mind, aside from just the goal-setting feature at the beginning of our Go Getter Planner, we also added goal-tracking pages at the end of every quarter to serve as your proverbial whack on the head to remind you of where you should be headed.

Below you will find the features we’ve included in the 2013 Go Getter Planner, and instructions on how to get a copy — PLUS a discount for a limited time only!

2013 Go-Getter Planner

2013 Go Getter Planner, Wanderrgirl Planner, Wanderrgirl, goal setting planner, 2013 planner philippines
Throughout the entire year, in the planner & on our Facebook page, we’re going to regularly give you tips on how to set better goals and keep motivated.
Whether you like it or not, really.

Claim an encompassing theme for your year: this can serve as your guide so all your goals are focused and consistent. (Check back on our Facebook page for more tips on how to come up your annual theme.)

2013 Go Getter Planner, Wanderrgirl Planner, Wanderrgirl, goal setting planner

No frills, lots of white space. And remember what I said about offering productivity advice even if you don’t ask? See below:

Here’s a tip: Every Sunday night, use this space to first list down your big tasks or goals for the entire week. That way, you have an idea of how you can properly distribute your workload throughout the week. (Of course, you can also use this space for your extra notes and post-its!)

2013 Go Getter Planner, Wanderrgirl Planner, Wanderrgirl, goal setting planner
We didn’t put coupons just for the sake of coupons: We included a different challenge every month AND brought in a little help from our friends! To help kickstart your monthly challenges, we got these local brands and entrepreneurs (support Pinoy!) to offer you 23 exclusive deals the entire year round:

Ayala Museum
Gawad Kalinga
Hey Kessy
Jacinto and Lirio
Koi Swimwear
Karton Paper
Manos Nail Lounge
Offbeat Pursuits
Punchdrunk Panda
Snoe Beauty
The Circle Hostel
The Fozzy Book
Toby’s Sports
Save PH Seas
2013 Go Getter Planner, Wanderrgirl Planner, Wanderrgirl, goal setting planner

That black frame in the middle of the cover is actually a little pocket where you can insert any image you’d like! It could be a photo, your favorite quote, work from your portfolio that you’d like to show off, your business card/blog and social media URLs, your theme for the year, your reminder to STOP EATING TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE, or even your daily to-do list!

It’s smooth and cream-colored, very much like your Moleskine notebook! (PS. Don’t worry, I absolutely HATE rough notebook paper, so we really made sure that we used the good kind!)

As pictured, there will also be a closing garter to keep your planner intact.

*FOR MORE DETAILS, check our FAQ page!

Here’s how you can get your copy

The 2013 Go Getter Planner is priced at 650 — with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Metro Manila. (For complete shipping costs, view our FAQ page!)

To get a copy: Go to our Facebook page, hit like on the upper right corner of the app, and fill up our order form!


Here’s a step-by-step procedure:

  1. Fill up the order form.
  2. You will receive the confirmation message from Google Docs, containing the bank details thru which you can deposit your payment. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from our team with your total order cost.
  3. Deposit to the account and e-mail us a photo of the deposit slip. No e-mailed deposit slip, no shipment.
  4. You will receive an e-mail to confirm your payment.
  5. You will be e-mailed the tracking number once your item has been shipped out. (No return policy, no meet-ups.)

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  • http://jasminnain.tumblr.com Jasmin N

    Wow I love the planner already! Any plan of shipping outside of the Philippines?

    • wanderrgirl

      Hey Jasmin! :) You can e-mail us at gogetterplanner@gmail.com with your name & location and let’s see what we can do about it!

  • http://angkulturangewan.com Dustin

    I have ordered 2, one for me and for my girl… and already paid. Can’t wait! To productivity and beyond! :D

    • wanderrgirl

      AWESOME!!!! Thanks Dustin!!! We can’t wait to start shipping it, too!

  • Roxanne Fajardo

    This is cool! I’m still getting this even if I don’t win the giveaway. Still crossing my fingers, though. haha! :D Btw, Facebooks says I can’t share posts publicly because I’m under 18 and the best I can do is to share it to “friends of friends” while tagging the page. Will that be fine? :D

    • wanderrgirl

      Hey Roxanne! Sure, that’s fine! :D Thanks and keep your fingers crossed!! :)

  • http://katniss.tumblr.com Katria

    This looks awesome Arriane! :D Great job!

  • Lorreine Datu

    Mimi!! This looks awesome! Please please please tell me you can ship to the U.S………..

    • wanderrgirl

      Mimi!!! Send us an e-mail with your state, zipcode and preferred mode of payment: gogetterplanner @ gmail <3
      Miss you! Hope you’re doing great! :-*

  • belle

    Hi miss arriane! I’d love to have this but I cant seem to open the facebook page. Any other way to order? I’d like to order 3 sana. :) thank you so so so much!

  • http://binibiningkulotski.tumblr.com Genieve

    Hi Ms. Arriane! This is perfecr for my 2013! :) May I know the dimensions of the planner? Thank you so much!

  • http://www.about.me/nine.andres Nine Andres

    Hi there,
    I just stumbled upon your page while checking out the Go Getter Planner.
    I appreciate how you got everything I wanted to know re: the merchants on the coupon since I worry that most of them are in Manila. (I’m already in Digos City)

    I just noticed though that the link for Koi Swimwear is not pointing to
    http://ilovekoi.com.ph/ but http://ilovekoi.com.
    I thought you should know. n_n

    - 9

    • Wanderrgirl

      Hey Nine! Thanks for the heads up! :) Fixed the link already!