It’s Mon-DIY! A quick washi tape + school supplies crafts tutorial

The other day, my mom found the notebooks pictured above – these were some of my school notebooks back when I was in 6th grade in St. Scho Manila. These are my paintings based on images from children’s storybooks. (I tried painting again two weeks ago! Quite rusty, don’t you think?)

I know what you’re thinking: WHAT A NERD. I was one of those girls in school with a fat pencil case filled with metallic and glitter and perfumed pens, doing “commissioned” letterings of her friends’ names and/or their crushes’ names, doodling this, crafting that. (I’m also totally guilty of this counterproductive crime: I usually end up cramming some tasks because I spent too much time making my to-do list look cute. Hah.)

High on the heels of my Blogworthy Creative Blogging Workshop (where my intern and I went wild with the DIY), and to reminisce my crafty days, I invited Joanne of Quaint Desk, an adorable online paper craft shop, to whip up a DIY tutorial for my creative-inclined readers! Check out her post below.

(Note: Try not to get hypnotized by all the cute washi tape designs from Quaint Desk. I had recurring dreams of washi-tape-covered everything after staring too long at these photos.)

DIY #1: Not the usual lines in your notebook!

It’s already one month into the school year, but you’re probably already bored with your notebooks. (Everybody has ADHD these… oooh what’s that) Here’s a fun little DIY for project for you — just pick your favorite color scheme and go wild with the washi!

Wanderrgirl x Quaint Desk: Washi tapes DIY tutorial

DIY TIP: You can by recycle old notebooks by gathering unused leaves and bind the spine with a yarn, thread or ribbon. Decorate them with the tapes and they’ll look like new!

DIY #2: Personalize your pens and pencils!

Match your pencils with your notebook as well: If you’re the type who always loses your pens/pencils to those sneaky/forgetful borrowers, this is a surefire way to know who borrowed your supplies. ;)

(I am actually guilty of being… the sneaky borrower. -__-)

Wanderrgirl x Quaint Desk: Washi tapes DIY tutorial

DIY TIP: Our washi tape line is perfect for wrapping pencils as they won’t have problems with sharpeners. :)

DIY #3: From Tweety to Washi

If you don’t like your pencil case design or would like to reuse your old paint-chipped pencil case, you can also use decorative tapes to fix it up!

Wanderrgirl x Quaint Desk: Washi tapes DIY tutorial

These mini DIY projects are quick and easy to do; they’re perfect for bringing some life into your old and boring supplies. Might make you extra motivated to study and be more productive, too!

- Joanne of Quaint Desk

Joanne is a digital arts/webdesigner enthusiast for the longest time but had just recently stumbled upon crafts. Quaint Desk is her online shop that loves paper craft, stationery, and handmade items so much that we want to share our awesome finds with you! In Quaint Desk, you’ll find an assortment of cute and pretty craft supplies as well as paper goods at friendly prices.

Giveaway Time!

I’ve always fantasized about washi taping everything I own ever since I discovered this adorable concept in Japan, on different design blogs and on Pinterest. I can’t wait to use washi tape for decorations in Blogworthy Batch 2 in September – I’m already getting so much ideas! (*wink wink* Who’s joining?!) ;)

But for now: Wanderrgirl, in collaboration with Quaint Desk, will be giving 3 fabric tapes and 2 washi tapes to one lucky reader! (You get to choose which tapes you want!)

All you have to do is follow the mechanics below:

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*DIY and supplies photos by Quaint Desk; supplemental graphics and photos by me

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