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Innovation in the Government: Wishes & frustrations

If I ever met somebody who works as a designer for IDEO, I’d probably start salivating immediately, and my eyes would glaze over, and the only words that I could ever manage would be: ‘Could I touch you? I loooove you’

Overall, not really a good first impression.

Innovation in Government

This very short e-book is a good, quick read. It may be written in the American context, but a lot of it still holds water in a more general sense. Recommended reading!

I get hyperventilatingly jealous whenever I hear of other governments working with IDEO’s design-led problem-solving approach to transform their processes so they can deliver their services more efficiently — governments such as the United States and Singapore. This article in particular turned me Oscar-the-Grouch Green:

Shortly after President Obama took office in 2009, he hired John Berry as director of the [Office of Personnel Management], with a mission to make working for the government cool again, bringing young, tech-savvy people into the aging federal workforce. In August of that year, Berry picked three private companies to visit in California: Google, Facebook, and IDEO.

IDEO was subsequently contracted to look at the recruitment problem and organized a one-day workshop, culminating in some short video and some recommendations. “The value of that engagement went far beyond the deliverables,” Collier says of the project’s impact at his organization. “The real value has been a shift in thinking.”

Somebody hold me I think I just imploded with longing — longing for the same mindset in the Philippine government. The past few months have been getting frustrating, what with the impeachment trial (at least that’s done) and the revelation that some supposedly relevant people really don’t deliver (much less show up for work).

I’ve been trying my dang hardest (at least I hope I am) to take a more proactive stance with my government work, which involves avoiding pointing fingers, even if sometimes pointing all ten fingers isn’t enough. And so you can’t blame me if there are windows in time where I reaaally need to step back to reload my hope-and-faith-and-energy guns, you know what I mean?

And THAT’S why I engage in other projects, such as the Postura Project and Blogworthy.

Because to be perfectly honest: the results there are much, much more tangible. And seriously, if I don’t add that tangible fulfillment in my work-life mix, my sanity and my heart and my faith would long have been pulverized into sub-atomic confetti and scattered into the colors of the wind. Ala Pocahontas.

PS. This reminds me of a post I did last year – asking you guys which government department would be fun to help out. OVERWHELMING amount of answers! So – one year later, what do you think? Which government would be most fun (and necessary) to innovate? :) Let me know in the comments below!

Innovation Mind Map by Paul Foreman // Creativity

Source: Chart, Innovation infographic

PS. Do you have any questions for me?

I’m in a bit of an inspiration rut these days, so I’ve opened my TUMBLR ASK BOX for your questions about anything related to my work, creativity, travel, productivity, nation-building! Personal life questions are okay, too, buuuut to be quite honest, my work = my life, so I’m pretty boring.

Will be publishing the 5 best questions!

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