We’re almost halfway through the year

And just like that, the first quadrimester of the year is over. I hate to sound like a nagging teacher here — but how are you doing with your goals for 2012? (I literally broke out into cold sweat while typing that question, because I’m personally so behind on most of the items on my list!)

The entire month of April turned out to be a very tough cookie for me to chew — seriously, it was one difficult day after the other. BUT! if these good-news-filled, first three days of May are any indication, I think this month might just turn out to be an extra chewy double chocolate chip cookie. A whole jar of it, even. ;)

And just because making lists calms me down, here are the causes for my excitement and nervous restlessness for the next two months:

  • A Blogworthy Debut: I am ridiculously psyched to be teaching my first ever blogging workshop! We’re pulling out all the stops – and collaborating with a great roster of young creative Filipino entrepreneurs - to give you the most fun, festive, inspiring three days of summer!
  • Fashionalism and Levitation: Postura Project is relaunching – and going international. Soon.
  • TED & Barney: Gearing up to give my dream talk this June. Massively stressxcited.
  • Off the Back-burner: After being railroaded by the impeachment trial for the past few months, the Design Competitiveness Act will soon be back on track!
  • Clickity Click: I am partnering with one of my most favorite global brands for a project that’s just. so. me. (Lips sealed for now, but want to try and guess what brand it is?)

Well, okay, that list kinda backfired. Instead of calming me down, now I’m even more white-knuckled about how I’m going to clone myself to get all of this done!

*deep breath*

As I try to regain my composure, I’ll leave you with a photo frpm my recent trip to Flower Island, Palawan. This was taken with nothing but my Samsung Galaxy S2: no filter, all nature. Insane, right? I say this everyday, but I’ll say it again: I am so, incredibly privileged to be living in the Philippines.

Let me know: How are your 2012 goals coming along? What are you excited for this May? :)

*PS. Part of my goals for 2012 is to write shorter, more personal blog posts, and this is one of my first attempts! It’s still pretty lengthy but… baby steps.

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  • Pam

    Hi Arriane! I’ve been a reader of your blog since you started blogging hehe (I also frequent fangirldiaries.com since I’m a huge KPOP fan). I don’t really leave comments often but I did a few times already. This may sound really cheesy (I was thinking of sending you an email instead haha) but I have been wanting to say that I really look up to you. I’m amazed by what you’ve achieved at such a young age, I’m 22 already but I feel so uncertain and I don’t know where I’m heading. I’m jealous that you have set out your goals and dreams at such a young age. I hope I have the same passion and determination as you :) if I were still in college, I would love to be your intern haha! I think I will learn a lot from you :) good luck with all your amazing plans!!

  • http://jaymedr.tumblr.com Jayme del Rosario

    But I like your lengthy posts! : ]

  • http://vikkipusong.com Vikki

    In other news, I love the font you used sa title. Ganda. :)