DLSU Face-Off: My talk on youth, social media & good governance

Face Off DLSU Manila // Excel and Blaze 2013 // Arriane Serafico

When I was still in Ateneo, one of the things I hated the most was going to a required talk ‘for attendance’. I was always one of those people at the back of the conference hall who’d either be: (1) hammering away on my laptop, cramming my paper for another subject, due the next day, or (2) doodling on my planner as if making my to-do list prettier would somehow magically make it easier to finish, or (3) looking and nodding intently at the speaker because I feel sorry for him/her, and would like him/her to feel that at least one person is listening.

And — for this particular conference hall to be inside oh, only the biggest rival school of Ateneo. Talk about being on the other side.

Kidding! Honestly, I had a fantastic time at DLSU-Manila last Tuesday, November 29 (my second time talking to a La Sallian crowd in the last four weeks). Thank you so much to Blaze and Excel 2013 for inviting me over for Face Off!

Youth, good governance and social media

I find that there’s always so much to talk about when it comes to good governance and the youth, so in order to reign in my thoughts, I crafted my talk to be a bit more Twitter-style: #goodgovernance in 140 characters (and then some)

Here are the slides I designed for my presentation — with the special participation of Ryan Gosling, Piolo Pascual, and an annoyed kitteh:
Face Off DLSU Manila // Youth and good governance in the Philippines // Arriane Serafico

Basically, what I attempted to put across were two things:

1) In order to make a difference in the fight for good governance — you don’t actually have to work IN government, I just hope that you always keep your doors open and be willing to work WITH the government.*

2) Baby steps and easy wins: Want to achieve something concrete? Why don’t you start with your own city? There is also a LOT of reforms waiting to be made in local governments.

I hope those messages weren’t lost in all my ramblings. But hey, after the talk, three students approached me and expressed interest in working in the government — and 3 out of 90 is three more than I expected ;)

*I know this sounds stupid right now, in light of the whole Kenneth Cobonpue-NAIA 1-Mar Roxas brouhaha… and I have no excuses for that. *deep breath of frustration* See second slide below!

My favorite slides: Feel free to spread the message!

Face Off DLSU Manila // Good governance in the Philippines // Arriane Serafico

Face Off DLSU Manila // Good governance in the Philippines // Arriane Serafico

Face Off DLSU Manila // Good governance in the Philippines // Arriane Serafico

Face Off DLSU Manila // Good governance in the Philippines // Arriane Serafico

Thank you Kaila and Michael and the rest of the Blaze & Excel 2013 team for making me feel so welcome! :) Also: a special shoutout to Crystal — who adjudicated quite impressively for the debate that followed my talk — and who turned out to be a fellow Scholastican and a member of the high school debate team. Yay Kulasa pride!

PS. I’ve always been vocal about wanting to recruit more and more young people into government service, so I’d be really glad to do these types of talks in more universities – and even get my other young, government employee friends to come with me! If you’re in a school org or the student council and you’re organizing a similar event, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail: hello[at] :)

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  • Andrea

    The slides look great :)

    • wanderrgirl

      Hey Andrea, thanks!! :)

  • Chelsea Celestino

    Hi Arriane,

    Think it would be great to have that kind of talk for our college (Computer Studies)! :)) Loved your slides! I wanted to read them :(( lol! =))